Trigger (Process)

Trigger agents to perform a specified Action.

activeSitesCoordinateSetThe set of sites that are candidates for being affected by this Process.
behaviorStringName of behavior to trigger. It is assumed that all potential targets have a behavior with this name. If they do not, you will get an error!
filterFilterFilter for narrowing down sites to be included in process.
maxTargetsIntegerThe maximum number of locations to be affected by each occurrence of this process. Setting maxTargets to -1 results in an unlimited number of targets.
periodIntegerWaiting period between occurrences of this process. period=0 means do only once.
requireNeighborsBooleanLEGACY: Require that all potential targets have non-vacant neighbors. Use a filter instead.
skipVacantSitesBooleanLEGACY: Require that all potential targets be occupied. Use a filter instead.
startIntegerTime at which to begin executing this process (specified in integration cycles).