Class TargetRule

Rule(s) limiting valid targets for this action.

AllNeighborsTargetAllNeighbors (TargetRule)Targets all neighbors, regardless of whether or not they are occupied.
CallerTargetCaller (TargetRule)Targets the entity that caused the action to be triggered. (Note that, if the action was triggered by a global process, the caller is null.)
OccupiedNeighborsTargetOccupiedNeighbors (TargetRule)Targets only neighboring locations that contain agents.
SelfTargetSelf (TargetRule)Target the focal nanoverse.runtime.agent (i.e., the nanoverse.runtime.agent performing the action).
VacantNeighborsTargetVacantNeighbors (TargetRule)Target only those neighboring locations that do not contain a neighboring nanoverse.runtime.agent.