Class Process

A list of top-down nanoverse.runtime.processes to perform at the outset of the simulation.

ApplyRelationshipsApplyRelationships (Process)Apply agent relationships to the specified continuum layer.
CheckForDominationCheckForDomination (Process)Halt the simulation when the target cell type has the specified fraction of the overall live cell population.
CheckForExtinctionCheckForExtinction (Process)Halt simulation if all sites are vacant.
CheckForFixationCheckForFixation (Process)Halt the simulation if only one type of nanoverse.runtime.agent exists.
CheckForThresholdOccupancyCheckForThresholdOccupancy (Process)Halt the simulation of the overall population exceeds a certain threshold.
CompositeContinuumProcessCompositeContinuum (Process)Perform a series of transformations to the specified continuum layer. Transformations are superposed and then solved all at once.
DiffuseDiffusion (Process)Schedule a homogeneous diffusion process across the entirety of a specified continuum layer.
DirichletBoundaryEnforcerDirichletBoundaryEnforcer (Process)A Dirichlet boundary condition describes region of space within which the value of a field remains constant for all time. This region is often placed along an edge of the system, but it need not be. For example, one might hold the value of the continuum constant in a region at the center of the simulation space. The DirichletBoundaryEnforcer sets the specified coordinates to the desired value, regardless of any other processes that might have otherwise affected them. It must be applied between a Hold process and a Release process.
FillFill (Process)Fill in a region with agents.
HoldScheduleHold (Process)Begin queueing changes to the specified continuum layer, but do not execute them until a corresponding "Release" event takes place.
InjectInjection (Process)Schedule a fixed-value source (injection) at a site or sites of a specified continuum layer.
IntegrateIntegrate (Process)Update the state of the specified continuum layer.
ManualHaltManualHalt (Process)Immediately end the current instance of the simulation.
MockMock (Process)LEGACY: Mock process, used in legacy tests.
PowerScatterPowerScatter (Process)Scatter groups of agents in a distribution of cluster sizes that may or may not follow a power law. (Check this before using)
RecordRecord (Process)Captures the state of the simulation. If not specified, occurs by default at the end of each simulation cycle.
ReleaseScheduleRelease (Process)Resolve all changes to the specified continuum layer since the last "Hold" event occurred.
ScaleScale (Process)Schedule a homogeneous scaling process (i.e., exponential growth or decay) across the entirety of a specified continuum layer.
ScatterScatter (Process)Scatter a specified number of new agents to random locations.
ScatterClustersScatterClusters (Process)Scatter agents in clusters of a specific size.
TickTick (Process)Advance the simulation clock by the specified dt.
TriggerTrigger (Process)Trigger agents to perform a specified Action.