Class Filter

Filter to apply to the base target rule.

CompositeComposite (Filter)A composite filter represents a collection of filters, all of which must be satisfied before a site is included as a valid process target.
DepthDepth (Filter)Depth filter restricts the targets of the process to agents that are a specific distance from a vacant location.
HasNeighborsHasNeighbors (Filter)Allows only coordinates that have non-vacant neighbors.
NameAgent (Filter)Restricts the process to agents with a specific state/class.
NotNot (Filter)Inverts the truth conditions of another filter.
NullNull (Filter)Null filter is a pass-through; it does not restrict the process targets in any way.
SampleSample (Filter)Sample filter takes a random sample of the candidates if the number of candidates exceeds a specified limit. If the number of candidates is at or below the limit, nothing happens. Setting the limit to -1 is the same as having no limit.