DirichletBoundaryEnforcer (Process)

A Dirichlet boundary condition describes region of space within which the value of a field remains constant for all time. This region is often placed along an edge of the system, but it need not be. For example, one might hold the value of the continuum constant in a region at the center of the simulation space. The DirichletBoundaryEnforcer sets the specified coordinates to the desired value, regardless of any other processes that might have otherwise affected them. It must be applied between a Hold process and a Release process.

activeSitesCoordinateSetThe set of coordinates to be held at a constant value.
layerStringContinuum layer with which to associate this DBC.
periodIntegerWaiting period between occurrences of this process. period=0 means do only once.
startIntegerTime at which to begin executing this process (specified in integration cycles).
valueDoubleValue at which to hold all locations along this boundary.