Contribute to the Nanoverse project

Nanoverse is free, for any purpose, under the Lesser General Public License v3.0. There are many ways that you can give back. Contact us


Nanoverse is currently in public pre-release, meaning that there are plenty of quirks and bugs. We need your help in finding them! Does something behave unexpectedly? Do you get a useless error message? Is there syntax that you don't understand? If you find an issue, please let us know.


Everyone prefers to work by example. If you create a simulation in Nanoverse, we encourage you to post it online and explain how it works. If you make a movie or image that you'd like to share, we'd love to post it on our gallery! For inspiration, have a look at the fantastic library of (mostly) open-source simulations available on the NetLogo website.


We have many new features planned for Nanoverse. Would you like to help make them happen? Nanoverse is free and open-source, meaning that you can just jump right in. Please make sure that your code has an AGPL-compatible license (GPL is fine). If you're interested in contributing to planned features, please contact us so that we can coordinate.


The development of Nanoverse has been supported by generous funding from Princeton University, the National Science Foundation, and the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund. This funding will end in 2016. We need your help to keep the project going! If you are interested in contributing financially to the ongoing development of Nanoverse, please contact us. We are especially interested in corporate partnerships; we would be happy to build custom business logic and special licensing to allow Nanoverse to talk to your proprietary platform.